Gift Guide for New Mommies

  • Apr 12
  • Mamacouture

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a new mommy?

How about some stylish & practical nursing wear? At Mamacouture we’ve drawn up a “Gift Guide” for a new mommy which she is sure to love.


Nursing Tops

A key piece of clothing for every new mom, nursing tops are comfortably styled for ease of breastfeeding whether on the move or on the home couch. A stylish outfit which makes the new mom feel beautiful while adding versatility to the postpartum wardrobe is sure to keep her heart warm. A smart gift choice as per us!


Stylish Dresses

Finding the perfect silhouette for a postpartum body can sure get tricky.  Especially since there are very few optio...

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Pregnancy Brains : Myth or Reality?

  • Apr 05
  • Mamacouture

During pregnancy ever searched for sunglasses atop your head? Walked into a room & wondered why you there? Found keys in the refrigerator? Loaded the machine but didn’t press start? Forgot if you shampooed once or twice? Any of it sounds familiar?

We believe what you are experiencing is a ‘pregnancy brain’. 

Anxiety & feeling overwhelmed during this time causes stress leading to absent mindedness or memory lapses. These lapses of the brain can be tackled by some of these small actions; however don’t stress too much about it as it’s all very temporary (atleast in most cases)!!

  • Sleep well & sleep more: a fresh & well rested brain is a sharper brain
  • Try mediation & avoid stress! Don’t be har...

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Operation Fit Mom: The Truth of it all!

  • Apr 16
  • Mamacouture

Been a fitness enthusiast and now pregnant? Wondering whether all talk of slowing down and stopping your routine is correct?

For starters, if you’ve always exercised then it’s mostly safe to continue during a normal pregnancy. There are clear stated benefits of staying physically active during pregnancy, such as:

  • Increase in physical energy
  • Improvement in muscle tone strength & endurance which consequently helps through labor and delivery
  • Improved blood flow keeping the body active and healthy
  • Reduced backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling, which are common issues experienced during pregnancy
  • Prevention of/ treats gestational diabetes
  • Help in sleeping better
  • Help in elevating the mood an...

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Freedom from Cliches!

  • Apr 14
  • Mamacouture

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase to be celebrated and is not an illness!! So every expecting mama, Celebrate the bump, share the joy and continue doing all you love. After all A Happy Mamma = A Happy Baby!! Mamacouture shares and supports every mommies beautiful journey of creating life at every stage, so we suggest drop these clichés and enjoy pregnancy. 

Stop work?

NAY!! We say dress that bump and take it to work.  For only an active mind and body keeps the IQ/EQs well stimulated, something which is supremely important for you and your growing baby!

Don’t exercise?

We say get on your gear and keep that pregnant body fit and healthy.

A Healthy mom makes a healthy baby. It has been medicall...

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  • Apr 15
  • Mamacouture

Struggling to curate your maternity wardrobe for stylish yet comfortable dressing while not burning that hole in the wallet? Here are some tips to get you started!

1️. A MUST HAVE: Mamacouture’s pair of black maternity trousers/ pants. Extremely comfortable for the growing belly phase, it is the perfect choice for office wear.  Pair it with a crisp formal shirt and throw on a blazer for Monday to Friday power looks.  It can just as easily be worn to a lunch outing or movie date teamed with a casual top or even a glam dinner by pairing with a fancy blingy top from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

2. COMFORT ESSENTIAL: Undoubtedly a pair of Mamacouture maternity track pants!! Supremely comfortable while sporting "just ano...

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Debunking notions on Maternity Clothes

  • Apr 11
  • Mamacouture

Having been in the maternity clothes space for 4 years now, with the single most objective & passion to dress women during this phase in stylish comfort, at Mamacouture we can safely comment on some of the thoughts (ie read ‘misconceptions’) surrounding owning of maternity clothes, as incorrect.  

Some common doubts faced by most about buying maternity clothes that we have heard:

Don’t need them!


While you may get through the initial months with your old pre-pregnancy clothes adjusted and readjusted, as the body approaches the last trimester, a realization dawns that those jeans and oversized tops don’t make the cut anymore and are getting overly stuffy a...

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Fashionable Nursing On-The-Go

  • Jan 31
  • Deepika Mathur

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for any mom.  The connect that a mother and child feel at this stage is incomparable.  For a new mom it can become daunting especially when the need arises to feed the baby on the move.  Choosing appropriate clothes to enable breastfeeding easily and quickly which is also comfortable for the child can be quite a task.

Choosing the right clothes will make life easier during the busy days with a new baby - a choice and selection we recommend making before the baby is born.  Nursing wear is specifically designed with front openings to allow the baby to breastfeed easily and comfortably without hassling the mother to find discreet corners to take off their tops or conceal themselves while feeding in public.

Before ...

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Importance of Maternity Clothes

  • Jan 31
  • Deepika Mathur

Why Maternity Clothes? Many of us ask or are asked this question?

Our Answer: An emphatic WHY NOT?

PREGNANCY – it is THE MOST precious journey for every woman (well almost every woman!!)… why not dress up now when we do for other occasions? With changing body shape & crazy hormones (newest best friends now!!) it helps to stay in high spirits & good clothes are a sure shot mood lifter!

Feel good factor aside, it’s important to recognize maternity clothes are technically studied & designed for a pregnant body which regular oversized clothes can’t achieve. Here’s how:

1. Women’s body types tend to differ across geographies. The physical construct of bodies across the world vary c...

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