Fab Pouch

FAB POUCH®       
When I decided to start a maternity line, the first thing I researched, experimented, sampled and again researched and sampled till I got it perfect – was the "FAB POUCH". The FAB POUCH is short for Fabulous Pouch, and it truly is a fabulous styling part of a maternity line!!
So you ask what is this FAB POUCH?
The FAB POUCH is the super soft and stretchy, modal, cotton & lycra mix fabric (that we have sourced exclusively) that will glide over your tummy in our pants and skirts, giving you the best comfort possible for your growing bump.
It has been created and styled by our in-house NIFT designer together with our industry expert with over 21 years of experience in the fashion and fabric world. 
You will experience that the FAB POUCH, due to it’s fabric and styling, is very comfortable in its fitting as it fits equally well on your flat tummy as it will on your growing tummy, all the way through your ninth month, and then magically regain its original shape after your delivery. So our clothes can be worn for much longer after your delivery to keep you comfortable as long as you need it.
How did we manage it?
Well, loads and loads of research and multiple experiments and trials and finally we hit jackpot.
What did we consider?
1.       Comfort – trust me this is the MOST important thing, coz as the bump gets bigger it gets more sensitive and you need fabric that loves you very much!
2.       The bump – we believe that it should cover the bump completely for the most ease and comfort.
3.       Stretch – the fabric should stretch and then revert post multiple washes / uses.
4.       Style – each of the Bottoms have matched FAB POUCHES to ensure the pouch isn’t really visible under lighter shades of Tops, so you cant make out that you are wearing it!

That’s it!! Hope you enjoy the comforts of the FabPouch & go ahead and celebrate the bump!!

July 2019